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2019 03 28 Kick-off Meeting

On the 28th March 2019 the Kick-off Meeting take place at the Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, in Vienna, Austria.

2019.09.06 Six-month-meeting at SITI

During the six-month-meeting at the Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute (SITI) in Shanghai, China, various topics ranging from assay development to electrochemical detection principles based on nanomaterials were discussed in detail. Despite stormy weather conditions, the meeting could be held successfully.

2019.12.17 Meeting: "Sensor and connector system"

During the meeting, Attophotonics and AIT discussed the current status of sensor development. Mehrabi Pooyan presented the sensor holder with conductor track recently manufactured by Attophotonics GmbH and developed in cooperation with the AIT. In addition, the first results of the measurements on the screen-printed sensors were discussed and further steps for optimization were worked out.

2020.01.24 Meeting: "Measurement system presentation and installation"

At this meeting at the AIT, Attophotonics presents the new measurement system, which is equipped with the sensor holder and a temperature control unit. This system was installed at the AIT and the potentiostat was connected and optimized for the measurement of 12 working electrode channels.