Sensor array for multiparameter detection


Highly integrated multiparametric electrochemical point-of-care testing system for the detection of breast cancer-associated mutations

For the performance of the electrochemical measurements, the final sensor chip is inserted into a dedicated table top read-out device that includes a temperature control system and a potentiostat. First measurements with fabricated screen-printed sensors indicate their feasibility to perform the detection of single-base mismatches in target DNA sequences.

Electrochemical measurements

The electrochemical sensors were fabricated by screen printing of conductive and non-conductive materials on a flexible PET-foil. On the conductive lines made of silver a thin gold layer is deposited by an electroless plating process. The sensor were design with 12 gold (Au) working electrodes (WE) and a common counter (CE) and Ag/AgCl reference electrode (RE) for the parallel detection of up to five different target DNA sequences and their mutations.

Electrochemical assay for detection of point mutations

The optimized microarray assay for detection of point mutations provides the basis for the realization of an electrochemical assay based on differential pulse voltammetry and redox-active DNA binders.

Nanomaterial coating for detection of point mutations

To increase the electrode surface area, sensor modification with nanomaterials (e.g. Au nanoparticles) is investigated. The next steps involve performing the DNA detection procedure on sensors modified with nanomaterials.